Dear viewers,

This is where I will reflect on my CBL work each week.



Week one reflection

Week 1

This week we had to complete three possible solutions on how to improve our impact on the environment. In CBL I am in a team with Hayden,Ben H and Nick we have got off to a rocky start but I am sure we will work better together next week I hope.The Final solution we chose was plantation day where we will plant trees from a Nursery  in the school.


Week 2

This week we got our solution plantation day approved but we still aren’t working that well together. We are starting to draft the email to the Nursery but Ben and Hayden are having a competition to see who writes it. Over all I thought we had a good week this week.

Week 3

Guess what we had another argument and I won. We are going to email the local nursery so we can get the plants. Over all I thought the week could have been better but it was okay.

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