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Last term we made a question on what we want to now about space my question was How are planets made?  I got my information from this website.

The planets in our solar system were made by the Solar Nebula a disc made of hydrogen and helium and  other elements left over from the birth of The Sun. The partials of the Nebula started to clump toghter because of gravity. Over a few million years the clumps mergerd toghter and they became the planetesimals and then they mergerd toghter they became the size of our Moon they were called protoplanets. The temperature in the solar system began to rise and in the inner solar system only objects with very high melting point would survive so the planets in the inner solar system couldn’t collide with very much objects so that is why Mercury, Venes, Earth and Mars are so small. In the outer solar system was colder so the outer planets could collide with water,hydrogen and other  substances. So that is why Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are so big.

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